What’s in a Name?


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Icehouse was conceptualized in early 2013. Our WTF Group was able to unite the perfect name and concept with the perfect location in Austin, Texas. The name Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is an acronym spelled out using the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and because of that the whole Whiskey Tango Foxtrot concept was invented out of the social media relevance of WTF.

Enter WTF Icehouse. An intimate whiskey lounge with high-end whiskeys and an outdoor patio bar and garden. On 701 West 6th Street in Austin, the bar is a socially rich environment with Wi-Fi internet and live social media activities. WTF has three main areas to suit any mood.

The Patio Bar

The Patio Bar is a lively outdoor area with a main bar in the center under a pavilion surrounded by a garden of luscious potted plants. It is designed to cater to large groups of guests and to serve popular drinks. Its menu includes a small list of signature drinks that are refreshing and light; perfect for drinking outside on a sunny day.

The Patio Bar has four distinct areas:

Wood Deck/stage Area. The center area on the deck has a 75″ TV and will be designated for a DJ, live band or playing sports on the TV. There is a large tree that hangs over this area and two large L-shape custom outdoor sofas on each side of the stage.

Viewing and Activity Area. This area has three custom tables standard height in front of the stage area. Patrons can watch live music or view the TV while having a drink. This area will also be available to set up outdoor party games such as Cornhole, Tower Timber and more.

Fire Pit area. The paved brick ground helps create a warmer feeling. There is also a lounging area where patrons can sit by the fireplace and enjoy their drink outside.

Main Bar area. This is the main area in the center of the patio. There is a 26ft x 15ft oval shaped bar under the covered patio. There will be TVs above the bar. Patrons can sit and have a drink at the bar while interacting with the bartenders and each other.

The Whiskey Lounge

The Whiskey Lounge is an intimate, comfortable area that has a modern design with an inviting atmosphere. There are three large glass garage doors that can open to the main bar on the patio. This gives patrons an opportunity to relax in an intimate space, yet remain slightly connected to the activity outside. The Whiskey Lounge has five very large round mirrors on the back wall giving it a feeling of depth, over 30ft of leather sofa, several leather ottomans, teak root stools and decorative metal coffee tables–all resting on two beautiful large rugs. It has an artsy feel and will be a nice place to sit and sip some fine whiskey.

The Whiskey Bar

The Whiskey Bar connects directly to the Whiskey Lounge with two openings on each side of a brick wall creating some separation between the two areas. The bar is a very small, classy and modern bar. It’s designed for small groups of people, yet it can also cater to the larger groups of people sitting in The Whiskey Lounge. This bar will be outfitted with Whiskey Lockers so that patrons can rent and store their own personal bottles if they choose. It will have a list of select high-end whiskeys that can change and a small menu of specialty cocktails. The liquor served from this bar will be considered higher end, top shelf and will accommodate customers who would like to explore some of the finer tasting cocktails and liquors.

Filling 4,082 delicious square feet, WTF is aiming for a January 2018 debut date.

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